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For 4 years, Livid has been setting the benchmark in the LED lighting industry. In March 2017, Peak Lighting and Livid Lighting combined forces, launching an new range of world class LED lighting products produced and designed in our own facility. Combining Livid’s passion and Peak’s rich 10 year heritage in the building some of the world’s most reliable LED driving lights, light bars and work lights for the global mining sector, gives the newly founded collaboration unstoppable momentum.

Livid is a technology company founded on a passion for innovation and exceeding expectations. Committed to setting the standards and the relentless pursuit and delivery of the latest LED technology. We’re excited about the explosive growth in LED technology as it rides the shoulders of the silicon age.

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Huracan Fabrication



Huracan Fabrications specialises in Seat Adaptor Kits to retrofit Ford Falcon Seats into your Landcruiser or Patrol.

All Seat Adaptor kits are bolt in mod with no drilling, welding or cutting required. The kit comes with all nuts, bolts and spacers required. All you need to install it is a socket set, some seats and an hour or so of your time.

 4WD Accessories

Huracan Fabrication Products are proudly made in Australia

Manta Performance Exhausts


The team at Manta combines more than 90 years of experience in the performance exhaust industry, engineering and developing Australia’s leading performance exhaust systems.

With worldwide sales and distribution capabilities, they provide quality Australian made performance exhausts to enthusiasts all over the world.

4WD Accessories

Manta Performance is an Australian Family Owned Company since 1974

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