Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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So a lot of people seem to be wanting a good quality, reliable, tyre pressure monitoring system.

Well we have it here! This awesome system comes with not the standard 4 Sensors, but with 6 sensors, so you can rig it up either to both your spare tyres, or swap the senders over to your camper trailer when on long trips!

This system was originally designed to be utilised in Trucks, therefore supports more sensors than traditional car units and is built to a higher standard than many car units on the market (Mainly due to the abuse trucks can cop in their daily duties)

Unlike tradition systems, this system also comes with a signal booster that can be installed in the rear of your car to ensure you maintain contact with the sensors either on the rear of the car or as fitter to your camper trailer.

This unit also supports both BAR and PSI, unlike some units which will only support BAR.

Under-inflation is one of the leading causes of tire failure. If tire pressure is too low, too much of the tire’s surface area touches the road, which increases friction. Increased friction can cause the tires to overheat, which can lead to premature wear, tread separation and blowouts.

If tire pressure is too high, then less of the tire touches the ground. As a consequence, your car will bounce around on the road. And when your tires are bouncing instead of firmly planted on the road, traction suffers and so do your stopping distances. You’ll also feel a decrease in ride comfort.

This unit can support up to 22 Sender units, however they must be purchased with the unit as the unit is configured for the sensors from factory, sensors cannot be added after purchase.

Additional Sensors

+ $100.00
+ $200.00
+ $300.00
+ $400.00
+ $500.00
+ $600.00
+ $700.00
+ $800.00
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Additional information

Number of Senders

6 to 22 (Please select number of senders when ordering)

IP Rating


Refresh Rate

4 Minutes

Operating Temperature

-20 to 80 degrees C

Display Input Voltage

9-30v DC

Repeater Input Voltage

9-30v DC

Transmission Frequency


Sensor Pressure Range


Pressure Accuracy


Temperature Accuracy

3 degrees C


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