Recovery Gear

Are you looking for awesome recovery gear to ensure that even if you do get stuck, then it isn’t a mission to get you out?

Well check out our range of recovery gear below, with more coming very soon!

Carbon Winches

Carbon Winches have been developed and engineered by KPD Industries right here in Australia!

KPD have been in the offroad game in Australia for over 10 years and have been selling their own products for 6 years now, and 4WD DIY is happy to help them flood the market with Aussie Products!

You can be rest assured that all Carbon Winches are IP67 Rated to ensure that you get the best performance offroad in all conditions.

The Warranty also backs this up, with a Lifetime Warranty on Mechanicals, and a 5 Year Warranty on Ingress and Electrical Components, which is more than you can say about some of the other budget winches on the market!

Also, with Synthetic Line, the Carbon 12,000lb winch comes in at 23.45kg, making it the lightest 12,000lb winch on the market, meaning that you aren’t overly stressing your car, adding to the fuel economy, or instantly reaching for the money bucket to throw heavy duty springs in the car.

The Tech Stuff

So here you are, probably thinking “That’s really nice, but what other stuff can we have?”

Well, here is some technical info for you!

Carbon Winches 12K Winch is a 12000lb line pull winch and can meet the rugged demands of off-road and utility use in Australian conditions. It is designed to deliver the best value, reliability and service life for an entry level winch user. The main features include:

  • 6.2 HP Series Wound motor
  • 216:1 ratio 3 stage planetary gearbox
  • Automatic brake in the motor housing drum plate – (No heat build up on drum)
  • Rotating ring gear freespool clutch assembly which minimises freespool drag and completely eliminates clutch engagement issues.
  • Power in and power out via a plug in hand remote or a wireless remote controller. Remote controller has auto off and failsafe operation features built in. The receiver is fully sealed and impervious to water.
  • 500amp sealed solenoid unit with a 3 position mounting bracket allowing you to mount the control box over the motor, over the drum or remote mounted on the bull bar.
  • Handheld remote control and wireless remote control

And if that information isn’t enough, then:

  • Rated Single Line Pull = 12,000lbs or 5,450kg
  • Recommended Battery = 650CCA (Other winches need an 800CCA Battery or the manufacturer will blame your vehicles electrics)
  • Cable = Synthetic Rope, 24m x 10mm
  • Fairlead = CNC Billet Alloy
  • Dimensions:
    • 554mm Wide
    • 160mm Deep
    • 180mm High

 Winch weight including synthetic rope, control box complete with cables, mounting bolts & fairlead: 23.45kg

We can also leave you with this quote from Tony Vaughn at Getabout Training Services about the awesome Carbon Winch:

I have now had the Carbon Winch fitted for a few months and it has been used in training a number of times.I cannot speak highly enough about the operation of this winch. From the easy to use free spool handle to the fantastic remote.
I tend to use the winch with the remote only for demonstrations but with the corded control when winching under load during training.I have used many other manufacturers winch’s, Warn, TJM, VRS, Kingone, Ironman and many cheapies.
In my view the Carbon Winch is one of the best, it is smooth and very quiet compared to my ‘other’ winch on the 100 Series.
It’s great to get a piece of equipment that works as described and works every time.
It is absolutely value for money.
Tony Vaughan | Mobile 0404 500 111 | email:
Getabout Training Services

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